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Oasis Water Harvesting offers an attractive rainwater collection and storage
system, specifically designed to meet the demands of the desert gardener.

Harvesting rainwater

  • Utilizes this precious resource

  • Saves money year after year by reducing your water bill

  • Conserves ground water

  • Reduces flooding and erosion

Rainwater collection and storage has been utilized around the world for thousands of years. It makes sense in Arizona particularly with half of our rain in the monsoon season, and the other half scattered throughout the rest of the year. Did you know that one inch of rain on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof yields 600 gallons of rainwater?

What are you waiting for?

Oasis Water Harvesting Is A Member Of The Better Business Bureau 

Oasis Water Harvesting is proud to be an accredited
member of the Better Business Bureau.


Oasis Water Harvesting Is An ARCSA Accrediated Professiona 

The owner of Oasis Water Harvesting,
Rick Weisberg, through tests and on going
training is an accredited professional with
American Rain Water Catchment Systems
Association, the only national organization
overseeing Rain Water Harvesting.


Not A Licensed Contractor